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NRHA Finlandin kirje NRHA johdolle 6.10.2022


National Reining Horse Association

3021 W. Reno Ave.

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma 73107


October 6, 2022

Dear President, Executive Board and Board of Directors.

NRHA Finland strongly disagrees with the allowance of any form of sedation, in any amount, to being administered at any time to any Reining horses in the competition environment, as per the section of your recent changes in your Animal Medication and Welfare Policy.

The negative impact and negative publicity are bad for the sport of reining and all western sports.

Reining and reining horses have already received negative publicity from the horse sport media in Finland.

NRHA Finland and all our NRHA Shows are regulated by the Finnish Equestrian Federation (SRL) and our government. All horse shows in Finland must comply with the Animal Welfare and Medication rules of our national equestrian federation. All our major shows test the winner for medication and our federation conducts random testing at our smaller shows.

We believe and support clean sport in every aspect.

We hope that this decision will be reversed as soon as possible to maintain the integrity of our sport.


The board of NRHA Finland


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